Friday, 1 May 2015

A narrative essay for spm candidate out there

I spent a couple of hours getting dressed in my finest dress, doing my hair, covering my flaws with make ups and finally coating my full lips with a bright red lipstick. I checked myself out in the mirror. I turned left and right to make sure that i looked perfect from head to toe. Then i leaned closely to the mirror to make sure that my make up was done perfectly. I felt like a doll and i was pleased.

I was going to attend a mojor event in a hotel at a grand ballroom. I knew that there were going to be prominent and wealthy peolple so it was a must for me to appear in my best. I slipped on my Jimmy Choo's stilletos, took my clutch and headed out. I walked up at the side of the road where it would be easier to catch a taxi and stood there waiting patiently. A few minutes passed, then i saw a vacant taxi. I whistled and flagged my hand to catch the drivers attention. The taxi then came to right beside me. I opened the rear passengers seat door and slid in. I told the taxi driver my destination then sat comfortably.

As the car was moving, i was playing scenes in my head. I thought about what if i met my prince charming that day. It would be lovely and mind blowing to experience a real life fairytale. Just the thought of it had put a smile on my face.

Suddenly, i snapped out of my fantasy when i noticed that the taxi was driving along a strange and deserted road nowhere near my destination. I got goosebumps just looking around the area. I leaned forward to ask the driver where were we. He turned his head, his eyes looked fierce and he had the creepiest grin on his face. I burst into tears instantly. I plead for him to stop the car but he turned a deaf ear on me. I was shaking and hrrified thinking of what was about to happen if i do not get out right away.

Nobody was around and no one could hear my heed of cries for help. I was at wits end. As a final and desperate measure, i threw the taxi's door open and flung myself out. I hit something hard and i felt a sharp pain in my head. My vision was blurred and i lost conscience.

After i awoke, i found myself lying on a hospital bed. I saw a doctor looking down to me and he told me that i was found unconscience at the side of the road that morning. I had bruises all over my body and i could barely move because of the pain but luckily i did not suffer from any serious injuries.

It was an unforgettable experience and rather traumatising. This has taught me to be well aware and i would never let myself get caught up in the same situation ever again.