Saturday, 2 May 2015

IPG interview

I remember the day before the interview like it was yesterday. I was a little bit nervous about the whole interview and a lot of questions were stuck in my mind. What would they ask me? What would it be like? Who is going to interview me? What would i do if i didnt know how to answer the question in the best way? ! I knew if i didnt make a big deal out of it and just act normal it would go just fine.

So as i went into the interview room they ((lecturers)) ask us ((as it was a group interview)) to submit our documents and certs and stuffs. They also gave us a nametag. So they just asked question like a teachers duty and common knowledge. After that we had to watch a video and elaborate on the moral values. I thought we were so lucky because our video was about the story of a race between a rabbit and a turtle.

So yeah thats all. And i constantly feel like i am not good enough and i have no idea of what am i doing and everyone seems smarter than me.