Friday, 1 May 2015

Its the big day. SPM result day.

3rd March 2015 marked the day when our spm were finally announced. Yes i was pretty much freaking out a week before the actual date. I just couldnt imagine if my result turned out to be out of my expectation.

Okay let me start from the beginning. We were all waiting anxiously for our teacher to quickly come and get over it quickly.

Sit in a one whole row with my besties. See our happy faces? lol okay so those people that are called on stage are suppose to be top students so i didnt put so much hope on that. And then..9A's...then 8A's...then..7A's and the teacher called my name OMGGGGGGG hahahaha you wouldnt know how nervous i am that time O.O <-- me

So i got up and walk to the stage. So freaking happy! Actually i couldnt believe that i got b for math. I thought it would be c or d lmao. Shoutout to all the teachers and my tuition teachers who helped me all along the learning road! I didnt let you guys down! I know how much i work hard but yet i still see the improvement to the subjects that i have been working on, so im okay with it!

 Congratulations to all my beloved friends who are satisfied with their results and to those who didint do well, life goes on. La tahzan dont be sad because this is just a part of life :)